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Dr. John Moravec is an internationally-recognized scholar and speaker on the future of education and work, lead author of Knowmad Society, and the founder of Minneapolis-based Education Futures LLC.

In a world driven by exponential accelerating technological and social change, globalization, and a push for more creative innovations, how can we ensure the success of ourselves as individuals, communities, and the planet?

What does this mean for school leaders who seek the full development of human potential? How do our schools, companies, and other knowledge-based organizations fit in? More importantly, what do we need to do now? Let’s plot our futures in this new paradigm together!

The Education Futures team has accrued many years of experience around the world in innovation and leadership for new education and business development, and can develop a customized workshop to help your organization build its future. Our approaches include briefing on emerging ideas related to futures for work, organization-specific problem identification, design thinking methodologies for creating solutions, and plotting pathways for next actions.

Call (+1) 612-234-1231 or email us at to book John and the Education Futures team for your event today.

Popular topics

  • Educating in Knowmad Society
  • Principles for evolving learning (Manifesto 15)
  • Invisible learning
  • The “new” work and learning

Clients served

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Local and national governments

For a full bio, including publications and recent engagements, visit John’s personal page at