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000 Ambassador quotes


“We need new entrepreneurs, we need new ways of seeing the world. I define myself as a knowmad and work for different projects involving social change. I think Manifesto 15 can be one of them and Barcelona needs it.”

Natalia San Juan, KnowmadLab, Spain


“By signing up as an ambassador … I get to work for the ‘answers’ rather than ruminating on the problems with the education system.”

S.Shiny Christy, India


“Al hacerme embajador pienso que tendré más herramientas para promover el uso pedagógico de tecnología en educación. No son solo herramientas, debemos pensar en mediaciones.”

Jairo Alberto Galindo Cuesta, Colombia


“As a community development agent firstly, I believe joining a bigger network exposes me to more knowledge and skills to better serve my community and the world.”

Titajuwan Daiga, SASEC, Cameroon

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