Knowmad Society

Edited by John W. Moravec. Chapters authored by by Thieu Besselink, Edwin de Bree, Cristóbal Cobo, Christel Hartkamp, Ronald van den Hoff, John W. Moravec, Christine Renaud, Pieter Spinder, and Bianca Stokman. Afterword by Gary Hart.

Book design by Martine Eyzenga ( Cover design by Symen Veenstra ( Photographic images are used with permission from the Knowmads Business School (,, and Maurice Mikkers ( Figure 4 is based on public domain artwork created by palomaironique.

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ISBN (print edition): 978-0615742090

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Portions translated and adapted from Cobo, C., & Moravec, J. W. (2011). Aprendizaje invisible: Hacia una nueva ecología de la educación. Barcelona: Laboratori de Mitjans Interactius / Publicacions i Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona. (Under Creative Commons license.)

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