Workshops offered at the Knowmads Business School

This appendix provides examples of the workshops at the Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam. We divided them in six categories: Entrepreneurship and new business, personal leadership, body movement, social innovation and sustainability, project and process design, and marketing and creativity.

Entrepreneurship and new business

Turning your (business) dream into reality

Social responsibility & NGOs – Selma Steenhuisen
What are the roles of NGOs in our society and how do they work?

Power lab / Satori Game – Huib Kraaijeveld
Role-playing simulation on how we (automatically) behave in hierarchies.

New business concepting- Pieter Spinder and Valentine Giraud.

Organization 3.0 – Edwin de Bree

Instead of telling people what to do (1.0), or activating people (2.0), people will act themselves (3.0).

Business model canvas – Boukje Vastbinder
A strategic management and entrepreneurial tool, it allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business.

Getting things done – Alex Falk
Actionable, focus-driven tips, tricks and tools.

Value-driven business in real life – Fokke Wijstra
The role of values in larger organizations, and where to place focus.

Bookkeeping – Geert Leijen
The whats, whys, and hows of bookkeeping.

Startup wheel – Pieter Spinder
A simple, visual, and practical tool for business development.

Sales – Wim Vrolijk
Making sure we sell our products as well as services.

Presentation skills – Henk Heikoop
Improving presentation and speaking skills.

Welcome rituals and more – Edgard Gouveia
From the favelas of Brazil: The importance of play and joy while starting and working on projects.

Personal leadership

Change starts within yourself

Journey and nature quest, The Heroes Journey – Martin Cadee
Seeking wisdom from nature, away from society as we know it, and connecting through nature to the planet, ourselves, and the people around us.

Nonviolent communication – Yoram Mosenzon
An approach to communication based on compassion.

The power of your voice – Carolien Borgers and Carianne Vermaak
How do I use my voice, what more can I do, or what can I do differently to attract attention?

New way of learning (1) – Thieu Besselink

New way of learning (2) – Pieter Spinder and Pecha Kutcha
Using the Petcha Kutcha method instead of a typical PowerPoint presentation.

Herotalks and live storytelling – Guido Crolla

Inspiration sessions – Martijn van Osch
How to inspire ourselves and others: The power of storytelling.

To hell with money – Charlie Davies de Mornay
What is money, what does it do to us, and how do I behave with or without money?

Mindfulness – Mirjam Spijker
A mediation form in which one is aware (in a non-reactive way) of one’s physical and mental states.

Hero talk – Piet Hurkmans

What makes you cry, die, or fly
– Gil Alon
How to be in touch with your inner self, focus on your intuition, and your relations with theater and music.

Smart and sexy – Lisa Portengen
A workshop on how to use your femininity (for women only).

Body movement

Move your butt

Biodanza – Merijn Oudheusden
Biodanza is a system of self-development that uses music, movement, and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness.

Qigong and Kung Fu – Darryl Collett
A qigong practice involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movement, a calm state, and visualization of guiding qi through the body.

5-rhythms – Mirjam van Hasselt
Movement meditation that draws from indigenous traditions using shamanistic, ecstatic, mystical, and Eastern philosophies.

Tai Chi – Tsi-La Piran
Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art recognized for both its defense training and health benefits.

Aikido – Huib Kraayenfeld.
Aikido is a Japanese martial art which focuses not on punching or kicking opponents, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them or to throw them away from you.

Social innovation and sustainability

Current problems in society and our environment – heroes and best practices

Oasis Game – Niels Koldewijn
Creating a better community via play and action. It started in Brazil, and is now exported to Europe.

Sustainability in action – Godert van Hardenbroek
Hands-on actions on what we can do now, and promises made by the participants.

Sustainability – Ynzo van Zanten
What is the state of the world on a big scale (think like Al Gore), and what are simple ideas that we can implement now?

“Oh the meaning of it all” – Floris Koot, Valentine Giraud and Jord Hilstra.
Personal reflections on the state of the world by Knowmads Business School facilitators.

Cradle to cradle – Hanka Mouser
Remaking the way we make things: A transformation of human industry via ecological design.

Process and project design

Group facilitation, understanding of group dynamics, diversity, decision-making, team play: Taking your own projects further

Visual harvesting with Modelminds and visual thinking – Manuel Sturm and Oscar Westra van Holte
Optimizing business meetings, and visualizing ideas and discussions.

Deep democracy – Moraan Gilad
A decision-making tool which strives toward a 100% buy-in from the group instead of 50%+1 vote; inspired by post-apartheid South Africa.

Chaordic Stepping Stones – Arjen Bos, Kim van Rijt and Valentine Giraud

The Chaordic Stepping Stones is a framework that can guide the development of a project, from its inception to its realization, harnessing the creative and innovative energy that lies between chaos and order.

Value-based working – Fokke Wijnstra
Fokke has 35 years experience in leading and motivating people and organizations. Increasingly, he focuses his work on organizing in complex environments.

Client contact deadlines and love is the killer app – Pieter Kuijpers

On culture – Roelijn Kok
Working with diverse groups and how different cultures influence us and our work.

Art of facilitation – Floris Koot and Tsi -la Piran
How does one lead a process, what’s the role of the participants, and how does the facilitator influence and use the group?

How to facilitate groups – Doris Gottlieb
How to lead a process, work with scepticism, involve all participants, and put people in action.

Project management movie – Pieter Spinder
An intense day, full of deadlines, objectives, cooperation under stress, and reflection on what has happened.

Walk out, walk on – Debbie Frieze and Tatiana Glad

Theory U, YoU process, grounding insights into action – Joris Martens
Otto Scharmer’s Theory U is a change management method that targets leadership as a process of inner knowing and social innovation.

Marketing and creativity

Bringing yourself and your ideas into the world

Creativity and brainstorming – Marcel Jongsma and Wicher Schols
How does one brainstorm and make full use of their creative potential?

Identity marketing – Ron van Gils
What is a brand, what is your brand, and how can they be improved?

Creativity and Storytelling – Marcel Kampman

On creativity – Floris Koot
Using the talking head methodology, the double diamond brainstorming tool, and more.

Social media – Danny Koopman
How to optimize your use of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Knowmads marketing – Pieter Spinder, Alex Falk and Guus Wink
What is the Knowmads story, and how to put this in action?

Telling the Knowmads story – Niels Willems
Six different approaches to the Knowmads story, from which almost all people can at least identify with at least one of them.

Storytelling – Pieter Spinder
Where do we find stories? How do you construct them? How do you share them? And, when do people listen?

Video workshop – Guido Crolla and Duy vu Dinh
How do you make a movie, including storyboarding, use of music, editing, etc.?

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