Knowmad Society

We would like to express our gratitude to the people (and organizations) that inspired us, helped improve this work, shared our messages with others, and asked difficult questions when necessary. In particular, we would like to thank: Ignaz Anderson, Teemu Arina, Ad Baan, Tomáš Biroš, Claire Boonstra, Ton van der Borg, Greg Braden, Martin Cadee, Gal Charu Weiler, Guido Crolla, Hans Erdmann, Michal Fabian, Alex “Danger” Falk, Daniel Greenberg, Philippe Greier, Arthur Harkins, Peter Hartkamp, Jord Hilstra, Michelle Holliday, Pekka Ihanainen, Eva Janebová, Joseph Jaworski, Lois Josefson, De Kampanje Sudbury School, Marcel Kampman, KaosPilots Netherlands Teams 1 & 2, Knowmads Tribes 1-6, De Koers Sudbury School, Floris Koot, Peter Linde, Jacqueline Lindemulder, Mélanie Mercuri, Maurice Mikkers, John G. & Susan Moravec, Sébastien Paquet, Tsi-la Piran, Jana Procházková, Salima Punjani, Kim van Rijt, Martin Rodriguez, Mimsy Sadofski, Nikolaj Sahlstroem, Meïra Shalev, Ruti Shalev, Alexandre Spaeth, Jelte Spinder, Selma Steenhuisen, Vincent van der Veen, Carianne Vermaak, Ann Werner, Herman Wijfels, Niels Willems, Guus Wink, and Paul Zenke.

Special thanks are in order for Jaap Bijl, WDM stakeholder, for his courage to make the shift to organizing toward the “3.0” knowmadic way, and to Fokke Wijnstra from Finext for sharing his wisdom and experience.

We are also thankful for the contributions of toward the production of the Knowmad Society iOS app, and also for their support in launching the book in Utrecht in December 2012. Particular thanks go to Mariëlle Sijgers, Ronald van den Hoff, Vincent Ariens, Raoul Wijnberg, and Nancy Meijer for their (continuing!) support.

Cristóbal Cobo’s chapter was supported through the Knetworks project (Knowledge Dissemination Network for the Atlantic Area), and in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute.

Finally, the printed edition would be nowhere as lovely without the remarkable design work by Martine Eyzenga and Symen Veenstra.

Thank you!

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