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Knowmad Society (2013, edited by John Moravec) brings in a futures orientation, projecting not only the future workforce, but also examines the social, educational, and political implications for developing human capital that is relevant for the 21st century. We are at a crossroads where we can design a new human renaissance, built on leveraging our imagination, creativity and innovation – or we can doom ourselves to repeating the mistakes of our past. [free download]

Invisible Learning (2011, by Cristóbal Cobo and John Moravec, published in Spanish as “Aprendizaje Invisible: Hacia una nueva ecología de la educación”) is a book produced as a result of several years of research, in which the authors propose a remixing of innovative learning paradigms and human capital development. This work analyzes the impact of technological advances and changes in formal, non-formal, and informal education –and the meta-spaces in between. The product is journey that offers the reader an overview of options for the future development of education that is relevant for this century. [in Spanish, free download]

Selected book chapters

Moravec, J. W. (2015). Prólogo. In R. Roca, Knowmads: Los trabajadores del futuro. Madrid: LID Editorial. (now in third edition)

Moravec, J. W. & van den Hoff, R. (2015). Higher education 3.0: Knowmads create their own value! In A. Dailey & K. S. Dennis (Eds.), Transformative perspectives and processes in higher education (pp. 233-239). Cham, Switzerland: Springer. ISBN (hardcover): 978-3319092461

Moravec, J. W. (2009). ¿Y ahora, qué? [What now?]. In Balaguer Prestes, R. (Ed.). Plan Ceibal: Los ojos del mundo en el primer modelo OLPC a escala nacional [Ceibal Plan: The eyes of the world in the first OLPC model at the national level]. Montevideo: Prentice Hall – Pearson Educación. ISBN: 978-9974789951

Selected articles

Moravec, J. W. (2013). Report from the European Democratic Education Community 2013 Conference, Soest, The Netherlands. Other Education, 2(2), 113-115.

Moravec, J. W. (2013). Knowmad Society: The “new” work and education. On the Horizon, 21(2), 79-83.

Moravec, J. W. (2012). Spelen leren, lerend spelen. [“Playing games, learning games.”]. Waag Society Creative Learning Lab Magazine, Spelen leren, lerend spelen special issue, 14.

Cobo, C., & Moravec, J. W. (2011). Introducción al aprendizaje invisible: La (r)evolución fuera del aula [Introduction to invisible learning: The (r)evolution beyond the classroom]. Reencuentro: Análisis de problemas universitarios, 62, 66-81. [Note: Reprint of chapter 0 in Aprendizaje Invisible]

Ihanainen, P. & Moravec, J. W. (2011). Pointillist, cyclical and overlapping: Multidimensional facets of time in online education. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 12(7), 27-39.

Harkins, A. M. & Moravec, J. W. (2011). Systemic approaches to knowledge development and application. On the Horizon, 19(2), pp. 127-133. [award winner, Emerald Outstanding Paper Awards, 2012]

Moravec, J. W. (2008). A New Paradigm of knowledge production in higher education. On the Horizon, 16(3), 123-136.

Harkins, A. M., Kubik, G. H., & Moravec, J. W. (2008). Creative time synchronizations: Proximal and grounded pasts, presents and futures. Theory of Science, XXX/2008(1), 143-157.

Moravec, J. W. (2008). Technological applications of Leapfrog. Futures Research Quarterly, 24(1), 59-67.

Moravec, J. W. (2006). Chaordic knowledge production: A systems-based response to critical education. Theory of Science, XV/XXVIII(3), 149-162.

Selected monographs and commissioned works

Moravec, J. W. (2016). La innovación educativa en Puebla: Las voces de los actores. Policy evaluation commissioned by the Secretary of Public Education, State of Puebla, Mexico.

Moravec, J. W. & Zorrilla, V. (2016). ¿Y ahora qué? Las TIC in la educación primaria: ¿Podemos construer una capacidad colectiva? Research project funded by Fundación Plan Ceibal & Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación, República Oriental del Uruguay.

Moravec, J. W. & Killorn, K. E. (2015). Designing the future of research libraries and special libraries in Knowmad Society. Proceedings from Congreso Amigos 2015. Ciudad de México: Grupo Amigos.

Moravec, J. W. (2015). Manifesto 15. Minneapolis, MN: Education Futures.

Aprendamos. (2015). Curso emprendimiento digital. Guayaquil, Ecuador: M.I. Municipalidad de Guayaquil. ISBN: 978-9942851178 [as advisor]

MASA. (2014). Minnevate! 2013-2014 activity report. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Association of School Administrators. [as investigator and author]

Selected presentations and lectures available online

From project ¿Y ahora qué?

Moravec, J. W. (2016, June 10). A theory for invisible learning. Invited keynote lecture and panel discussion presented at IDEC@EUDEC 2016, European Democratic Education Community, Mikkeli, Finland.

Moravec, J. W. (2016, May 18). Manifesto 15: Provocaciones sobre el futuro de la educación. Lecture presented at Instituto Normal de Enseñanza Técnica and Fundación Ceibal, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Moravec, J. W. (2015, January 20). Building a manifesto for evolving learning. Invited lecture presented at TEDxUFM, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Moravec, J. W. (2013, April 20). Rise of knowmads: Individuals whose skill sets allow them to quickly adapt to changing work environments and challenges. Invited lecture presented at TEDxUMN, Minneapolis, MN.

Moravec, J. W. (2012, May 31). Nuevos paradigmas para pensar la relación entre educación y trabajo: de la Sociedad 1.0 a la Sociedad 3.0 [New paradigms for thinking about the relationship between education and work: From Society 1.0 to Society 3.0.]. Invited keynote lecture presented at VII Encuentro Internacional de Educación, Fundación Telefónica, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [with Spanish voiceover]

Moravec, J. W. (2012, March 15). Designing the future of work in Knowmad Society. Invited keynote lecture presented at 3rd Space World Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Moravec, J. W. (2010, June 21). Leapfrogging toward Knowmad Society. Invited lecture presented at TEDxLaguna, Torreón, Mexico.