Aprendamos: Course on digital entrepreneurship

While on assignment in Ecuador last April, Cristóbal Cobo and I met the production team of Fernando Fraschini & Lucio Heller, two Argentinians who have partnered to create educational programming for public access. One of their key projects is Aprendamos, which is a program for the Municipality of Guayaquil and Fundación Ecuador. Broadcasting every Saturday and Sunday morning at 7am, it engages viewers in distance learning opportunities that are also augmented with textbooks and call centers staffed with tutors.

After an initial interview and meeting in Guayaquil (see above video), we were invited to partner with them as advisors for a new series on digital entrepreneurship. Bringing together ideas from Invisible Learning, Knowmad Society, and also many national and international experiences, the course focuses on the future of work, and how we can learn from each other to co-create new futures – especially in areas of “new” entrepreneurship. In all, the project was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun – we couldn’t have worked with a better team!

The first episode aired last Saturday, starring the talented Angela Peñaherrera and Beatriz Miranda:

And, the second episode followed on Sunday:

With 18 more episodes lined up, watch us every Saturday and Sunday at 7am on your favorite channel in Ecuador!

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