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Evolving learning in Istanbul

We enjoyed a wonderful evening in Istanbul at an event organized by Egitimpedia, a group of education leaders in Turkey who are focused on educational innovation. Egitimpedia is also responsible for the Turkish translation of Manifesto 15.

Together with Egitimpedia founder, Ali Koç, Education Futures founder John Moravec shared the principles of Manifesto 15 in a joint seminar, connected to SOMECE in Mexico. The connection by Skype enabled us to have a true East-West and South-North dialogue on the future of education.

John Moravec opened the seminar with a presentation on the story behind Manifesto 15. He asked, “We need to ask ourselves what we are educating for, and precisely for whom is this all supposed to benefit?” He continued with trends in technology and labor markets, concluding that none of today’s jobs can be considered “safe.” We need to train to adapt to and build jobs and professions that do not exist yet.

Ali Koç shared his experience growing up in a village in Kırsehir. Relating his own experiences as a child in 1970s central Turkey, he emphasized how the non-formal and informal elements of his education connected to the Manifesto 15 principles.

The last part of the event consisted of questions and comments by participants and followers online. Thank you to the 80+ attendees who participated (plus hundreds online), and for making the conversation so rich!

Ali Koç shares his experiences learning in Central Turkey

Ali Koç shares his experiences learning in Central Turkey

Rene Herrera shares his comments on Manifesto 15 on behalf of SOMECE

Rene Herrera shares his comments on Manifesto 15 on behalf of SOMECE

80+ participants joined us live in Istanbul, plus hundreds more online

80+ participants joined us live in Istanbul, plus hundreds more online

A group photo

A group photo with many of the participants

The organization team in Istnabul

The organization team in Istnabul

The Invisible Learning Tour kickoff

As the Invisible Learning book enters the final layout stage this week (expect the release in April), Cristóbal Cobo and I are already delivering talks, workshops, and seminars on the topic. Already, in addition to our home base countries, we have been invited to speak in Argentina, Colombia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Netherlands, and Spain.

In regard to the Netherlands, what started as a Twitter conversation two weeks ago has expanded into a two-day event, The Invisible Learning Tour (TILT), on March 7-8. The event is a co-production of Sudbury Netherlands, CMD Leeuwarden, HAN, Inholland, Knowmads, and MooiPunt. The Co-lere website introduces the gathering:

Our schools, universities and other institutions need to make a quantum leap to catch up to the highly-globalized knowledge- and innovation-driven society. At this conference, we work together with John Moravec, education futurist, in an Invisible Learning tour to make new educational paradigms and approaches to human capital development visible.

Monday, March 7, I will open with a talk on Invisible Learning in the morning, and, in the afternoon, we will morph the event into an open meeting space. Further details are being posted to this Facebook page (where you can RSVP to attend, too).

Tuesday, March 8, will make site visits to see invisible learning concepts in practice at HAN Arnhem, the Sudbury Schools of De Koers in Beverwijk and De Kampanje in Amersfoort, Knowmads in Amsterdam, and the Creative Learning Lab in Amsterdam.

…and, to better introduce all this, the organizers (and I) are organizing a “teaser” webinar on March 2:

20:00 Amsterdam time
13:00 Minneapolis/Central/Mexico City time


(More information on Facebook)

Need more information on the Invisible Learning kickoff in the Netherlands?

Join the TILT Facebook group or email

If you cannot make it on March 7-8…

…and if you are interested in organizing a talk or workshop about Invisible Learning at your organization, drop us an email!

Education Futures NL coming November 2

Education Futures - Helikon

Education Futures NL

Practical. Inspirational. Interactive.

November 2, 2009
10:00 – 18:00

Creative Learning Lab
Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam

Mark your calendars! On November 2, Education Futures NL, a workshop on designing education in the era of change, will kick off. Co-organized with Fons van den Berg ( and in cooperation with the Creative Learning Lab, we will bring Netherlands-area education innovators together to explore how to create educational contexts that are relevant in Society 3.0.

Here’s the teaser for our Dutch readers:

Hoe kan onderwijs voor zogeheten knowmads (a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere) eruit zien? Dat is de vraag waar John Moravec graag aan wil werken met Nederlandse onderwijsinnovatoren. Daarom organiseert Education Futures in samenwerking met Helikon een praktisch, inspirerend en interactief seminar over het ontwerpen van onderwijs in een continu veranderende samenleving. Naast prikkelende presentaties bestaat het programma verder uit sessies waarin deelnemers ter plekke ideeën met elkaar uitwerken. Na het seminar krijgen de deelnemers toegang tot een online tool om de discussies verder een vervolg te geven.

For our non-Dutch speakers, the good news is that our working language will be English. Also, we will also be joined by Cristóbal Cobo (by Skype) and a local speaker to be confirmed (stay tuned as we reveal the identity of this Mystery Speaker!). Following the program, we will adjourn to a networking happy hour — and a few seats are available for interested innovators to continue our discussion over dinner. For more information and to register, visit the event Web site at

Upcoming talks

Spring semester at the University of Minnesota will conclude in about a month, and I am already busy assembling my summer schedule. So far, it’s looking great!

I hope to meet up with Education Futures readers at each of these events. Contact me if you’ll be in town for any of the above talks!

The (almost) final e-competencies program

The FLACSO-México, University of Minnesota, and University of Toronto collaborative conference/seminar on E-competencies for the 21st and 22nd centuries will take place this Friday.  We have a tremendous list of speakers, and if you are not able to participate in person, we hope that you will be able to join us virtually.  The event will be broadcast live via two streams:

Also, updates will be posted via Twitter:

Read on for the event program:

Read More

Horizon Forum on October 3

flacso_logo.gifThe Preparation to Practice Group is pleased to announce that the first Horizon Forum meeting of this year will be held on October 3 from 8:30 – 11:00am in the historic Upson Room at the Walter Library on the University of Minnesota East Bank campus.

Two visiting speakers from the Faculty of Latin American Social Sciences in Mexico will discuss initiatives to bridge technologies between classrooms (co-seminars), and the use of electronic media in classrooms to completely replace traditional textbooks to transform pedagogies:

  • Giovanna Valenti, Director General, FLACSO México
    Internet-mediated co-seminars: Reflections on the Mexican experience
  • Cristóbal Cobo, Communications Director, FLACSO México
    Enciclomedia: Redesigning curricula with videos, text, virtual visits, sounds and images

Space for the event is limited! RSVP to me at

The Horizon Forum is an ongoing discussion group, focused on the role of innovation and the future of PreK-17 education. The Forum is sponsored by the Preparation to Practice Group in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.

Validated parking and a light breakfast will be provided.

Bienvenida and welcome!

Saludos! …to visitors from the UMN-FLACSO knowledge seminar!

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