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Technologies and education in Latin America

At Monday’s Horizon Forum meeting, Dr. Ursula Zurita (FLACSO Mexico) presented her research on social participation and educating for social participation in Distrito Federal and her plans for further investigation nationwide in Mexico. Dr. Cristobal Cobo (FLACSO Mexico) followed-up with a presentation and discussion on technologies and education in Latin America. Dr. Arthur Harkins, Garth Willis and I closed the session with a discussion on future collaboration University of Minnesota-FLACSO collaboration.

You can also download these files as a podcast:

  • Click here to download an mp3 of Ursula Zurita’s presentation
  • Click here to download an mp3 of Cristobal Cobo’s presentation

UPDATE: The wrong files were uploaded. I’ll work to get the files with the FULL conversations online.

Additional files related to Cristobal Cobo’s presentation:

SECOND UPDATE: Additional video formats are available at

The Horizon Forum meeting will be an all-day event held on April 30, 2007. Stay tuned for more details!