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Politics and present problems of education in Mexico


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I will give a talk about Teaching and leading in the 21st Century: A New Paradigm of knowledge production at FLACSO Mexico on March 12:

The convergence of globalization, emergence of the knowledge society and accelerating change contribute to what the presenter terms a New Paradigm of knowledge production in education. The New Paradigm reflects the emerging shifts in thought, beliefs, priorities and practice in regard to all levels of education in global societies. These new patterns of thought and belief are forming to harness and manage the chaos, indeterminacy, and complex relationships of the postmodern.

Drawing from the author’s original research, the three phenomena driving the New Paradigm are explored together as a whole, particularly as it pertains to new pedagogies and educational leadership. Emphasis is placed on the examination of the future of education in the New Paradigm. By putting the pieces of the New Paradigm together through the forecasting of futures for primary through tertiary education, implications, consequences and actions for educators and policy leaders are identified.