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Minnesota Higher Education in the New Paradigm of Knowledge Production: Findings and Discussion of a Delphi Study

Here’s my presentation from this morning’s La Universidad en México en el año 2030: imaginando futuros conference at UNAM in Mexico City.

(Click here for the Spanish version.)

This paper introduces how the convergence of globalization, emergence of the knowledge society and accelerating change contribute to what might be best termed a New Paradigm of knowledge production in higher education. The New Paradigm reflects the emerging shifts in thought, beliefs, priorities and practice in regard to education in society. These new patterns of thought and belief are forming to harness and manage the chaos, indeterminacy, and complex relationships of the postmodern.

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The university in Mexico in 2030

I leave this weekend for Mexico City, where I will participate in the La Universidad en México en el año 2030: imaginando futuros conference at UAM-Cuajimalpa. I will present a paper (see draft submitted) based on my doctoral dissertation, and, with Arthur Harkins and Cristóbal Cobo, will also engage in discussions with academic, high tech/business, and government leaders on how we might be able to collaborate on new initiatives for innovation in education.

and, the three of us will hold a reunion with Mexican students who participated in last summer’s “knowledge to innovation” co-seminar.


Taking the co-seminar model to Quito

On Saturday, I’m off to Quito, Ecuador, the home of Guayasamin! I will present at the FLACSO 50th Anniversary Congress and at the Universidad San Francisco. The University of Minnesota-FLACSO Mexico co-seminar I taught with Arthur Harkins and Cristobal Cobo will be the primary focus of my talks. Since I will travel without my laptop (relying solely on the N800 and available wifi networks for Internet use), Dr. Jayson Richardson will guest blog next week.

Here is my presentation, in both Spanish and English:

<br />

View the presentation full screen.

Horizon Forum on October 3

flacso_logo.gifThe Preparation to Practice Group is pleased to announce that the first Horizon Forum meeting of this year will be held on October 3 from 8:30 – 11:00am in the historic Upson Room at the Walter Library on the University of Minnesota East Bank campus.

Two visiting speakers from the Faculty of Latin American Social Sciences in Mexico will discuss initiatives to bridge technologies between classrooms (co-seminars), and the use of electronic media in classrooms to completely replace traditional textbooks to transform pedagogies:

  • Giovanna Valenti, Director General, FLACSO México
    Internet-mediated co-seminars: Reflections on the Mexican experience
  • Cristóbal Cobo, Communications Director, FLACSO México
    Enciclomedia: Redesigning curricula with videos, text, virtual visits, sounds and images

Space for the event is limited! RSVP to me at

The Horizon Forum is an ongoing discussion group, focused on the role of innovation and the future of PreK-17 education. The Forum is sponsored by the Preparation to Practice Group in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.

Validated parking and a light breakfast will be provided.

A course for knowledge and innovation workers


I’ve been busy preparing an innovative course with Dr. Arthur Harkins and corresponding colleagues at FLACSO México that deals with moving “from information to innovative knowledge.” The course is offered in the Innovation Studies and Liberal Studies programs at the University of Minnesota; and will be offered concurrently by FLACSO México. The course will meet twice per week for eight weeks this summer, and will involve real-time seminar activities (via Acrobat Connect, Skype, etc.) with our counterparts in Mexico City once per week. Asynchronous learning outside of the classroom will take place via a course blog and wiki.

This seminar focuses on the development and application of knowledge and innovation capital within competitive national and global contexts. The pedagogy is simulation based, utilizing a dynamic knowledge model managed by you, the student, to develop knowledge creatively and apply it innovatively within contexts ranging from the personal to the global. The seminar is intended to bring forward a wide range of literature, perspectives, and practical simulations on innovative knowledge development and its application to personal and organizational innovations.

Knowledge of Spanish is useful for the course, but not necessary. IS/LS students can register through UMN One Stop.

For more information, contact me at or Art Harkins at

Technologies and education in Latin America

At Monday’s Horizon Forum meeting, Dr. Ursula Zurita (FLACSO Mexico) presented her research on social participation and educating for social participation in Distrito Federal and her plans for further investigation nationwide in Mexico. Dr. Cristobal Cobo (FLACSO Mexico) followed-up with a presentation and discussion on technologies and education in Latin America. Dr. Arthur Harkins, Garth Willis and I closed the session with a discussion on future collaboration University of Minnesota-FLACSO collaboration.

You can also download these files as a podcast:

  • Click here to download an mp3 of Ursula Zurita’s presentation
  • Click here to download an mp3 of Cristobal Cobo’s presentation

UPDATE: The wrong files were uploaded. I’ll work to get the files with the FULL conversations online.

Additional files related to Cristobal Cobo’s presentation:

SECOND UPDATE: Additional video formats are available at

The Horizon Forum meeting will be an all-day event held on April 30, 2007. Stay tuned for more details!