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A course for knowledge and innovation workers


I’ve been busy preparing an innovative course with Dr. Arthur Harkins and corresponding colleagues at FLACSO México that deals with moving “from information to innovative knowledge.” The course is offered in the Innovation Studies and Liberal Studies programs at the University of Minnesota; and will be offered concurrently by FLACSO México. The course will meet twice per week for eight weeks this summer, and will involve real-time seminar activities (via Acrobat Connect, Skype, etc.) with our counterparts in Mexico City once per week. Asynchronous learning outside of the classroom will take place via a course blog and wiki.

This seminar focuses on the development and application of knowledge and innovation capital within competitive national and global contexts. The pedagogy is simulation based, utilizing a dynamic knowledge model managed by you, the student, to develop knowledge creatively and apply it innovatively within contexts ranging from the personal to the global. The seminar is intended to bring forward a wide range of literature, perspectives, and practical simulations on innovative knowledge development and its application to personal and organizational innovations.

Knowledge of Spanish is useful for the course, but not necessary. IS/LS students can register through UMN One Stop.

For more information, contact me at or Art Harkins at

Technologies and education in Latin America

At Monday’s Horizon Forum meeting, Dr. Ursula Zurita (FLACSO Mexico) presented her research on social participation and educating for social participation in Distrito Federal and her plans for further investigation nationwide in Mexico. Dr. Cristobal Cobo (FLACSO Mexico) followed-up with a presentation and discussion on technologies and education in Latin America. Dr. Arthur Harkins, Garth Willis and I closed the session with a discussion on future collaboration University of Minnesota-FLACSO collaboration.

You can also download these files as a podcast:

  • Click here to download an mp3 of Ursula Zurita’s presentation
  • Click here to download an mp3 of Cristobal Cobo’s presentation

UPDATE: The wrong files were uploaded. I’ll work to get the files with the FULL conversations online.

Additional files related to Cristobal Cobo’s presentation:

SECOND UPDATE: Additional video formats are available at

The Horizon Forum meeting will be an all-day event held on April 30, 2007. Stay tuned for more details!

Horizon Forum on technologies and education in Latin America

horizon-web.jpgJoin us for the next Horizon Forum meeting!

Technologies and education in Latin America:

Changes in the infrastructure and not in the teaching methods

Monday, February 26, 12-3 p.m.

Room 319, Coffman Memorial Union
University of Minnesota, East Bank Campus
300 Washington Avenue, S.E. Minneapolis

Cristobal Cobo, Ph.D., is a specialist in information technologies, faculty member and Manager of the Communication and Information Technology Department at Flacso-México. He completed his Ph.D. (in communications science) at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. In addition, he has been a teacher at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey and Universidad de Colima. He manages projects involving innovation, distance education, and knowledge management supported by information and communications technologies. His current research is centered on “collective intelligence,” the “architecture of participation,” and the phenomenon of the “wisdom of crowds” and its application in learning environments.

The Horizon Forum is a “mold breaking” round-table initiated by the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota to facilitate action-oriented discussions on how we may design outstanding educational futures for Minnesota.

Lunch and validated parking will be provided.

Please RSVP by February 19 to John Moravec, 612-625-3517 or

Map to event:

Horizon Forum on the Web: