Knowmads: Borderless work and education (2013)
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Knowmads: Borderless work and education (2013)


Special issue of On the Horizon edited by John Moravec

This issue aims to expand the exploration of the role of education in developing and supporting such a knowmadic society. As guest editor for this issue, John Moravec ‘‘orthogonal’’ perspectives from both academics and practitioners across all fields. The first three articles explore specific skills and institutional strategies to develop ‘‘new’’ workers that are successful in a borderless, knowmadic society. The next three articles look into how we can use technologies better to enhance learning in this context – both digitally and spatially. This issue wraps up with a very practical example of how to facilitate ‘‘nomadic learning’’ for professionals.

Knowmad Society is already here, but our education systems seem ignorant of this reality. We run the risk of producing workers equipped for the needs of previous centuries, but not the kind that can apply their individual knowledge in contextually-varied modes to create new value.

It is too late to ignore these trends, and we have to decide if we are going to try to catch-up to the present, or leapfrog ahead and create future-relevant learning options today. In this issue, ideas, approaches, and original solutions are offered for further discussion. Through our research and practice, we must all continue the conversation and co-create the future of learning in a knowmadic society.