Knowmads in the Netherlands
15 Sep 2009

Knowmads in the Netherlands

Education Futures introduced the knowmads concept last

15 Sep 2009

Education Futures introduced the knowmads concept last November. And, now we just learned that a major Dutch school of youth entrepreneurship, KaosPilots Netherlands, has decided to rebrand themselves as “Knowmads” (soon to be located online at


From i-genius:

KaosPilots Netherlands in Rotterdam is shutting its doors and the team is reopening under a new guise (rumour has it, it will be called Knowmads!). They Dutch started 5 years ago sharing a dream with KaosPilot Arhus in Denmark to create an international platform for young people that want to make a positive difference in the world through entrepreneurship. Working outside traditional Dutch higher education institutions the school worked with their students in a highly innovative way encouraging students were to developing their own projects whilst participating in other forms of experience led entrepreneur education, ‘learn by doing’.

From the KaosPilots statement on the change:

We are currently re-designing the educational concept. Building on learnings and best practices. Aiming at a better fit between the actual needs of ‘social entrepreneurs to be’ and the learning environment offered. Looking for the cutting edge of developments in social entrepreneurship. Strengthening our businessmodel and our entrepreneurial team.

Our editorial reaction: “Rock on!”

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