Simple + Streamlined + Slick = Chrome
13 Oct 2008

Simple + Streamlined + Slick = Chrome

I thought I would start my week

13 Oct 2008
I thought I would start my week of ‘guest blogging’ by introducing a new tech tool. Have you heard of Chrome? It is the new search engine by Google. Wired magazine had a great article titled “Inside Chrome: The Secret Project to Crush IE and Remake the Web“. I thought I would chime in and give my top reasons why I am digging this tool:

  1. Tabbed browsing is old news…but pullng out tabs as an independent browser is cool. It works much like a real file cabinet. Old skool meets new skool.
  2. Since tabs are independent, if one site crashes, you do not loose the other tabs.
  3. Who needs a search bar AND and address bar? With Chrome, they are one in the same.
  4. Going to a site where you don’t really want to leave tracks…go incognito.
  5. Your most visited sites are saved in a new tab and displayed a mini-pages.

We all started out on Netscape, fell for the wow of Internet Explorer, and really dug Mozilla’s Firefox. Maybe Chrome will finally squash the way we think a web browser should be. It is changing my mind!

So, why is the introduction of Chrome a big deal and what is its implication on education? This tool is a sign that tech tool developers are breaking away from the way we ‘think’ things work and are listening to the experiences of the users. If teachers and school leaders shift their thoughts away from ‘business as usual’, maybe they will listen to the users (i.e, students) and radically change the way the schooling experience works. What if we break down these preconceived walls and build a new type of educational system? Perhaps a user-driven, user-friendly system?

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