Preliminary e-competencies program
07 Oct 2008

Preliminary e-competencies program

The preliminary program for the upcoming e-competencies

07 Oct 2008

The preliminary program for the upcoming e-competencies event on October 31 in Mexico City is now available! Although this is likely to change a lot, I want to share it immediately to highlight the excellent minds (from nine countries) that will be joining us!

9:00 Welcome and opening remarks

Giovanna Valenti [FLACSO], John Moravec [UMN] and Jutta Treviranus [UT]

9:10 Real time conference (starting with Europe) 5hrs

Dan Sutch (30 mins) [FutureLab]
Ismael Peña (15 mins) [UOC]
Fernando Santamaría [U.Leon]
Tíscar Lara (10 mins) [UC3]

10:20 Virtual/ In Person Conferences

Alejandro Pisanty (In Person 15 mins) [UNAM/ICANN]
Manuel Juárez Pacheco (Video 10 mins) [CENIDET]
Brynja Gudjonsson (In Person 15 mins) [UMN]
Martín Parsellis (Video 10 mins) [UCA]
Guillermo Lutsky (Video 10 mins) [ORT]
Edgardo Lüring (Video 10 mins) [Radio Nederland]
Gustavo Esteban Andrade (In Person 15 mins) [UNAM]
Tom Elko (Video 10 mins) [Independent Media]

11:55 – 12:00 Break

12:00-14:00 Virtual/ In Person Conferences

Miguel Raimilla (Video 10 mins) [ONE ROOF]
Florencio Ceballos (Video 10 mins) [IDRC]
Alejandro Piscitelli (In Person 15 mins) [UBA]
Roberto Balaguer (Video 10 mins) [OLPC]
Rolando Palacios (Video 10 mins) [TICAL]
Lidya García y Octavio Islas (In Person 15 mins) [ITESM]
Suzanne Miric y Patrick Walker (Video 10 mins) [UMN / METAMORF Tech.]
Diego Uribe (Video 10 mins) [U. BUFFALO]
Manuel Quintero (In Person 15 mins) [ILCE]

14:00 LUNCH

15:00 – 16:00 Panel Discussion (English)

Miguel Raimilla (USA)
Florencio Ceballos (CND)
Jayson Richardson (USA)
Suzanne Miric and Patrick Walker (USA)
Diego Uribe (USA)
Tom Elko (USA)
Víctor Zárate (María de la Luz Casas) (MEX)
Luis Lach (MEX)

16:00-16:55 Virtual/ In Person Conferences

Luis Lach (In Person 15 mins) [INTEL EDUCA]
Pablo Muñoz (Video 10 mins) [UDD]
Germania Rodríguez (In Person 15 mins) [UTPL]
Arthur Harkins (In Person 15 mins) [UMN]
Víctor Zárate y Marilu Casas (Video 10 mins) [ITESM]

17:00-17:05 Break

17:05-18:00  Virtual/ In Person Conferences

Gabriel Adrián Curi (Video 10 mins) [UCA]
17:15 Martha Cruz del Valle (In Person 15 mins) [Telefónica]

17:15- 18:15 Panel Discussion (Spanish)

Roberto Balaguer (URU)
Rolando Palacios (CHI)
Pablo Muñoz (CHI)
Edgardo Lüring (ARG)
Gabriel Adrián Curi (ARG)
Martín Parsellis (ARG)
Manuel Juárez Pacheco (MEX)
Guillermo Lutsky (ARG)

18:15-19:00 Closing remarks

Cristóbal Cobo, John Moravec, Jutta Treviranus

19:00-19:30 Toast

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