Education Futures 2007 in review
17 Dec 2007

Education Futures 2007 in review

Note: Education Futures is on winter break

17 Dec 2007

Note: Education Futures is on winter break and will return on January 7.

2007 has been a banner year for Education Futures, with expansions in the range of content and participation. First and foremost, I would like to thank the guest bloggers and other contributors that shared their thoughts and expertise this year: Cristóbal Cobo described the need for adaptive learners in the future of education; Brock Dubbels discussed games in the classroom; Arthur Harkins shared his thoughts on leapfrogging; Jayson Richardson explored the role of ICT for development; and, Jeffrey Schulz reflected on his experiences as a virtual teacher. More guest bloggers will join in 2008, starting with Ai Takeuchi, who will provide futures-oriented perspectives on educational innovations from Japan.

As we close this year, here is a short list of the most popular blog postings from 2007 (as determined by Google Analytics):

1. Brock Dubbels’ contributed an excellent series on the use of games in the classroom:

2. We identified trends in education and resources for education futurists:

3. Resources for education futurists:

4. We also focused on m-learning, the use of mobile devices in education. Several devices were reviewed that have potential to transform education today:

5. Non education- or futures-related posts:

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