Are you future-proof?
27 Sep 2007

Are you future-proof?

People seem really concerned about “future-proofing” in

27 Sep 2007

People seem really concerned about “future-proofing” in a world driven by accelerating change and accelerating uncertainty.  For example:

This promotes dichotomic thinking along the lines of, “if the rest of the world is going to change, how can I (or my beloved institution) best survive by changing the least myself?” Why shouldn’t we expect ourselves to change significantly as well? To leapfrog beyond the contradictory thinking of “future-proofing,” perhaps we should ask ourselves:

  • Does the future need schools?
  • Does the future need libraries?
  • Does the future need wealth?
  • Does the future need careers?
  • Does the future need families?

…and we ought to also ask how, why, and what do we need to change today?

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