Flashbacks: Morphonix and the Brock Effect
21 Aug 2007

Flashbacks: Morphonix and the Brock Effect

Reader Arturo B. from Durango (Mexico) notes

21 Aug 2007

Reader Arturo B. from Durango (Mexico) notes that Karen Littman posted an outstanding essay from 1992 in which she describes why she started Morphonix (creators of Neuromatrix, discussed in an earlier post):

Even young children will become researchers as they discover and explore new information at their own pace. New technology is multisensory. It allows a student to use his or her curiosity to learn and develop his or her own personal understanding of the world. Students can choose to express ideas with words, pictures, and music.

In the classroom of the future, students will work on individualized programs tailored to meet each child’s interests and needs. They will learn how to problem-solve and synthesize information. Creativity and personal exploration will be encouraged.

Fifteen years later, many of us are still talking about these same ideas as necessities for advancing education, but they still haven’t caught on. Eerie, huh?

Also, I’m pleased to announce Brock Dubbels will continue to post more often on Education Futures as a regular contributer! We’ve noticed a bit of a “Brock Effect” where site traffic quadruples when Brock posts his thoughts:


Somebody’s taking interest. Rock on, Brock!

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