"Building on the past" via Web 2.0
04 May 2007

"Building on the past" via Web 2.0

Via the marvelous Web 2.0 technology of

04 May 2007

Via the marvelous Web 2.0 technology of trackbacks, I saw that Cristobal Cobo posted a link back here, along with a truly fantastic video:
[gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=-3310953659220511941″][/gv]

Read Cobo’s original post… or, for my quick-and-dirty translation of his thoughts from Spanish:

“Building on the past”
video by Justin Cone for the Moving Images Contest

What Moravec names open source culture is exactly what Creative Commons promotes. This video renders tribute to this culture of open interchange. From this short which I found in resiliencia_estratégica, it connects me to a long list of videos that explain of diverse forms of this principle of the opening and collectivization of knowledge.

Examples: mirrors.creativecommons, support.creativecommons.org and one.revver.com.

In addition, for anyone who is interested in something more academic, here is an extra: the video of Lawrence Lessig in Argentina, founder of Creative Commons and main proponent of [Creative Commons] licenses at a world-wide level …and his presentation in Colombia.

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