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000 Evolving learning

Evolving learning


Education Futures LLC is a global education research and development think tank with experience in collaborating with creatives, thought leaders, innovators, and learning organizations to create new opportunities for human potential development.

We work with schools, universities, and nations to develop research, policies, and innovative solutions for problems that face education today – with an eye for the future. Our areas of expertise include: futures-oriented research, invisible learning, democratic education, non-formal and informal learning, education for under-represented communities, national policy development, and educational change.

We are a network of subject matter experts, big dreamers, and change agents. We have a virtual presence, and a global footprint. We seek long-term value in the creation of meaningful education futures.

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Highlighted projects


Evolving learning requires asking tough questions.

Here are some highlights of what we discovered.

Manifesto 15

In a world consumed with uncertainty and a growing sense of the obsolescence of our education systems, how can we ensure the success of ourselves as individuals, our communities, and the planet? We need to evolve education.

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¿Y ahora qué?

In a collaboration with Universidad ORT Uruguay, we ask, can we build a collective capacity to transform primary education through technologies? Follow updates on the project website to see what we are finding out.

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Essential publications


We think you will enjoy our books on building better education futures.

Knowmad Society

This book explores the future of learning, work and how we relate with each other in a world where we are now asked to design our own futures.

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Aprendizaje Invisible

Published in Spanish, Aprendizaje Invisble (“Invisible Learning”) examines current theories and trends, as well as international experiences and technological developments that promote sustainable innovation in education.

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